Customer Project: 2-3 Man Tipi

by Cole

I modeled this design after the Kifaru TUT and it is nearly identical. I used Sketchup to get all my measurements for the pieces of fabric that were cut into triangles and then sewn. All seams on the tent that join two pieces of fabric are flat-felled seams. The rest are rolled hems. The tipi took me four evenings after work to complete.

The tipi with 12 stakes and the pole weighs 3lbs 3oz. Comfortably fits two people with an 18” cylinder stove. Could fit three people if no stove inside.

Customer Project: 2-3 Man Tipi
Customer Project: 2-3 Man Tipi
Customer Project: 2-3 Man Tipi


12 yards - 1.1 oz Silnylon

20 Ft- separating coil zipper #5- Actual length was about 7’5”

Stove jack from Bearpaw Wilderness Designs

0.5 yard- of HyperD 300 Diamond Ripstop

1 Yard- ¾” Grosgrain Webbing.

75 Feet- 1.75 mm cordage. 

12- MSR Groundhog Stakes

1 foot- ¾” Velcro

1 REI Aluminum Tarp Pole 

1 Spool - Mara 70 thread

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How do I make it?

I precut all lengths of fabric, the began sewing each side (made of two panels) together. Upon having four sides I began to then sew the sides together. An important note I recommend sewing any additions to each side before sewing them together.

For example- Stove jacks, zippers, tie out points, inner clothesline, etc. This will make it much easier because upon coming together it is difficult to work with a giant mass of fabric to add small details. The cone was the final piece to the puzzle, and I simply cut a small circle and sewed it on top.