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Customer Project: 13 Degree Top Quilt with Zippered footbox

by 13 Degree Inferno Top Quilt with Zippered footbox

  • This summer I made my wife a hammock.  She sleeps cold so wanted a very warm quilt set.  This is my third quilt and my answer to her request.  She hates having her feet confined so I made it a zippered footbox.  I also used the Catsplat calculator to determine the comfort rating and hope the 900 FP HyperDry down will do the trick to keep her warm in the spring and fall weather I'll take her out in.  I zeroed the scale with my dry bag and the quilt weight came in at 1lb 6.75 oz.  I learned quite a bit and I'm proud enough of this to get some labels printed and put my name on it.  I still have a lot of improvements to make but I hope each one get's better.