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AIRWAVE | Definition



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Unlike standard nylon, AIRWAVE fabrics use a secret sauce called Air Textured Yarn . During processing, an air jet is used to create tiny loops in the yarn like the ones shown in the high-res image below. 

But what makes ATY yarn so special is that it combines the ultra soft hand feel of organic cotton with the high strength of synthetic nylon. 

Said another way, AIRWAVE is softer than everything else and every bit as strong.  

Like the market-first 1.7 oz MTN XL , 1.8 oz AIRWAVE uses our unique Hybrid weave construction with a much thicker, stronger yarn (135D) for the ripstop grid vs the base fabric (40D). 

The end result for you is a stronger, more rugged material with minimal increase in overall finished weight.

Combined with a brand new HEX + BOX ripstop grid pattern, AIRWAVE is also easier to sew (i.e. holds a crease well) while reducing stretch and increasing comfort for load bearing applications such as hammocks.

Typical end uses for 1.8 oz AIRWAVE include hammocks, rugged synthetic quilt shells, chairs, light duty bags, or any application where lightweight, strong, and durable fabric is needed. 


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