X-Pac® VX15 - HEXCAM

$15.00 /half yd

X-Pac® VX15 - HEXCAM

$15.00 /half yd

  • X-Pac VX15 is a custom laminate fabric from Dimension-Polyant, specifically designed for maximum performance, lighter weight, and seamless integration with our digital printing process. Now in HEXCAM® USA licensed camouflage.

    Twice the abrasion resistance of VX07, at less weight than VX21.

    Highly durable fabric best used for lightweight yet super tough backpacks, bags, rain gear, pouches, packing pods, etc.

    VX15 is a laminate fabric comprised of the following layers:

    -150D Polyester face

    black polyester X-Ply reinforcement threads at 22 degrees

    -0.25 mil PET film 

    -50D Poly Taffeta backing for abrasion resistance

    * Note: All X-Pac fabrics are sold in 1/2 yd increments to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.


  • We couldn't be more excited to work with the team at HEXCAM® USA to couple their unique line of camo patterns with our range of high-end fabrics! Read on below to get the HEXCAM® story. 



    The founders of HEXCAM® USA served and retired from the US Air Force elite TACP. Over their 40+ years of combined service, they've used a LOT of camo patterns. 

    Upon retirement, HEXCAM® was created out of a lifelong affinity for everything outdoors and keen observation of patterns that... wait for it... actually work in nature. The end goal was to create a highly functional pattern with utility in many different applications and environments.

    HEXCAM® patterns utilize nature's own honeycomb pattern, coupled with unique application of layers and shadows to create a 3D effect that provides the user superior camouflage both close-up and at long range. Very similar patterns are found on a variety of animals in nature, most prominently in reptiles and lizards.

  • Product Details
    Brand HEXCAM® USA
    Colors/Patterns 5-Echo, Adirondack, Blue Ridge, Himalayas, Makalu, Pike's Peak, Pompei, Spectre, Wasteland
    Width ~ 57'' 
    Denier 150D face, 50D Backing
    Waterproof Rating (HH) >10,400mm
    Weight  4.8 oz/yd 2
    Finish/coating 0.25 mil Polyester Film - Waterproof

Customer Reviews

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X-Pac® VX15 - HEXCAM

Thanks for your review! Let us know if you have any questions about creating with the X-Pac VX15, we're here to help!

Intriguing possibilities.

This configuration and body generates several inspiring ideas for lightweight packs.

Thanks Norman! We're glad you are inspired by this X-Pac! It's really nice to work with and makes awesome lightweight packs that can still take a beating!

Great stuff

Can be slightly difficult to work with when going through several layers at once, but this stuff looks and feels awesome.

Thanks for the review Kevin! This X-Pac VX15 ends up making awesome, durable, and really great looking gear. Happy sewing!

Great lite pack fabric

Great camo print and love the vx15. Nice mix of super lite yet tough.

Thanks Luke! We always look forward to seeing your creations!

Fabric looks great

I bought this to make a set of bikepacking bags. It's a bit stiffer than I expected, but it looks like it will work great for my project. The color is vibrant and I love the hexcam pattern. Question, what's the best way to seal the seams?

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