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0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum Mesh - Full Roll


0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum Mesh - Full Roll



    Placing a wholesale order shouldn't be hard, so we made it easy...

    For the first time, order full rolls of material straight through the site. No emails, phone calls, or wasted time. And did we mention wholesale pricing?


    1) Due to bulk size, exact shipping costs will be billed for all roll goods. Once your order is ready, we'll send you a link to pay for shipping.

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    *NOTE - This is a full roll of 0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum Mesh (125 yards). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    At a finished weight of 0.5 oz/yd 2, NS50 is 25% lighter than our 0.67 oz and 45% lighter than our 0.9 oz Noseeum. Developed and produced custom by RBTR, is the lightest noseeum mesh on the market today.

    Note that this is the 2nd generation of NS50 ultralight noseeum mesh. Same weight, but significantly stiffer and less stretchy than previous generations. This makes the fabric easier to sew, snag-resistant, and more durable.

    Noseeum is a lightweight yet durable micro-mesh netting used to provide superior insect protection in the outdoors. Constructed with a tight, irregular knit pattern, noseeum shields you from even the smallest of pests. Great for use in ultralight bugnets, quilt baffles, and test/shelter screens.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Dark Olive, Deep Gray
    Panton ref # N/A
    Width 62'' (157.5 cm)
    Weight  0.5 oz/yd 2   (14 grams)
    Denier 10D
    Finish/Coating None, Nylon

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Tom Kennefick
Bug bivy with silpoly bathtub

Excellent material. All but impossible to sew to itself without a backing material. Grosgrain worked well for this purpose. Finished weight w/o lines 6.6 oz

We would love to see photos of your bivy! Be sure to tag us on social media or send us photos here https://forms.gle/8JZW2SXiTwD3jUdb6

Carla King

0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum mesh

Thank you Carla! Let us know if you have any questions about creating with the 0.5 NS50!

Edmond Gregory
Met my expectations

The bug netting was exactly as described and came quickly. I did a lot of cutting and sewing with it and was quite satisfied.

Awesome! We're glad to hear that the 0.5 oz NS50 Noseeum Mesh met your expectations! Let us know if you have any questions regarding future projects, we're here to help!

David Harris
Nosee’um mesh- the best!

I ordered yards of mesh for a hammock net and also to bug proof my DCF tarp- perfect product that arrived soon after ordering

Thanks so much for your review David! We're glad to hear your materials arrived quickly! We'd love to see photos of your hammock net in progress or finished. Be sure to tag us on social media!

Jiro Yamanaka
Need to get used to

I've been using 0.67 to builded integrated bugnet hammock.
I used to worry about whether I could do it well because I used 0.5 to get a lot of expansion and contraction, and the cutting edge was rounded, but I was able to sew better than I thought!
It's very light and soft, so you need to get used to it, but you can sew firmly if you handle it carefully.
It's super lightweight but seems durable.

Thank you Jiro for the thoughtful review! We're happy to hear this 0.5 oz Noseeum mesh is working well for your projects. Let us know if you have any questions!

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