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Hip Belt Pouch Kit

$10.00 /kit
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Olive Drab
Burnt Orange
Royal Purple
Moroccan Blue
Swiss Red
  • Wanna add storage or a bit of DIY flair to your pack? Meet the Hip Belt Pouch Kit. These zippered, water-resistant pouches are designed to be an easy to make, modular storage option for any backpack with a hip belt.

    Quickly add/remove this pouch to any existing pack by threading the hip belt through the elastic loops on the backside of the pouch.

    Comes with all the pre-packaged components you'll need to make one finished Hip Belt Pouch with no wasted materials. We've even laser cut the fabric to size, so you can open the box and start sewing right away. Kit includes:

    Material (*choose fabric/color above)
    9" x 14" laser cut fabric blank, ready to sew

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (12") #3 Uretek YKK coil zipper
    (2) #3 reverse-mount YKK sliders
    (12") 3/4" flat elastic
    (12") 1.5 mm mini-drawcord - black or (2) Tiny Cord Pull -  Note we are in the process of changing from the drawcord to these  finished  cord pulls.

    Kit makes a finished Hip Belt Pouch with the following approximate dimensions:

    -> 6" width x 5" height x 2" depth

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Charcoal Gray, Dark Olive, Olive Drab, Burnt Orange, Royal Purple, Moroccan Blue, Swiss Red
    Materials HyperD 300
    Finished Size (*approx) 6" width x 5" height x 2" depth
    Finished Weight (*approx) 27 grams
  • Hip Belt Pouch Kit instructions - Click HERE (updated 8/4/17)

    If you've never built a zippered pouch before, or if you just need a refresher, watch this video first. Many thanks to PapaSmurf at Dream Hammock for putting this DIY video together!

    IMPORTANT - The Hip Belt Pouch Kit uses water resistant Uretek zipper instead of standard coil. As such, the teeth should be FACE DOWN when attaching coil to fabric (video uses standard coil and calls for teeth to be face up). This will ensure the water-resistant, coated side of the Uretek zipper ends up on the outside of your Hip Belt Pouch. 

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com


Customer Reviews

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Great kit

I've made two of these now. It's a great kit and you end up learning sewing skills and having a nice project

Confidence Builder

Being newer to sewing, I have been looking to build some more confidence in different styles of bags. This one is a good start. Instructions to me were a bit confusing, but after some time and drawing out the template I was able to accomplish this. Really fun project, looking forward to expand and make one a little bigger myself. Top quality material as usual!

I/4” Seam Allowance For The Zipper. Really?

Love the colour I chose, the thread matches beautifully. It arrived on time in a neat little ziplock. I haven't sewn it up yet. I have a few projects ahead if it. RBR Website Instructions regarding the 1/4” seam allowance for the zipper are so small I could barely read the fine print, even with my reading glasses, and I can't pinch the screen to make it bigger. Is 1/4” more on the zipper seam allowance too much to ask? Fix this and I’d give you 4 stars. Include a paper template and I’d bump it up to 5 stars. Despite this shortcoming, I am going to enjoy using the kit on my backpacking trips, when completed. Thank you.

Hip Belt & Zipper Pouch Kits

Top quality products. Everything needed was included. Look forward to my next projects!

Hi Bill, Thanks for the review! The small kits are great for everyone. Enjoy them!

These are just the right size, I put a light weight insert in them for padding and to maintain their shape. I'll be purchasing more for my wife's pack.

Thanks for the review Stitches! Another trick you can use to add firmness is adding a liner to the pouch. Just sew the pre-cut blank and another blank the exact same size together, with the wrong sides together. This adds structure and some extra abrasion resistance.
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