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LGBTQIA+ Companies

by June 27, 2022 3 min read

LGBTQIA+ Owned Cottage Companies

In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to feature all of the incredible LGBTQIA+ makers and cottage companies! 

If there is someone you like to see added to this list, drop a comment below or send us an email at social@ripstopbytheroll.com


Makers: Ashley Cellura + Eliza Sullivan

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Location: Rochester, New York

Instagram: @evenoddcreative

Shop:  www.evenodd.us

  • What type of gear do you make? We are multidisciplinary designers who specialize in handcrafted, utilitarian carry goods made out of high-quality materials.
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community? First and foremost educate yourself about the subject. There are so many great resources online to get you started. Be a vocal ally: If you see injustice happening, call it out! Connect with local LGBTQIA organizations in your community to find out ways you can best help. Support small LGBTQIA owned/operated businesses by sharing what they do with friends on social media or by word of mouth! And finally, if you are able, directly support these businesses by purchasing their goods and services.

Loophole Bags

Loophole Bags

Maker: Cass


Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Instagram: @loopholebags

Shop: https://www.loopholebags.ca/

  • What type of gear do you make?I make upcycled bags, mostly for bikes such as frame bags, handlebar bags, snack bags, top tube bags. And sometimes I dabble in other types of bags things such as chalk bags and tote bags.
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community?Supporting the LGBTQIA community can be done by purchasing our products if you have the means, helping to spread the word about our work, learning proper language that is inclusive, learning the history of our community and overall making space for us to be able to create and share with the world.
Moon Gear

Moon Gear

Maker: Jenna Battaglia


Location:Salt Lake City, Utah

Instagram: @moon_gear_

Shop: https://www.tothemoongear.com/

  • What type of gear do you make? Currently making super durable, vinyl-coated mesh gear, perfect for floats and paddle sports.
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community?People can support the LGBTQIA community by respecting our identities, making and holding safe and inclusive spaces and fighting for our rights to exist and love one another.

Oterra Designs

Maker: Erin O’Toole

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Location:  Biddeford, Maine

Instagram: @oterra.designs

Shop:  https://oterradesigns.com/

  • What type of gear do you make? Sustainably produced unique and expressive gear - primarily for climbers, but expanding to all lovers of the outdoors.
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community? You can support LGBTQIA makers by spreading the stoke! Online and in person. Share their work, tag them, like & comment on posts, all that good social media stuff. And if you can buy the gear, then proudly show it off to your friends and encourage them to support us too. We appreciate you!

The Salty Boob

Maker: Hannah Finazzo-Krueger



Instagram: @thesaltyboob

Shop:  https://www.thesaltyboob.life/

  • What type of gear do you make? The Salty Boob makes a backpacks, bike packs, Fanny packs, bike baskets and more; using mostly repurposed materials, like kitesurfing kites, bike tires (yessss tires not the tubes), vinyl banners, etc!
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community? Supporting the LGBTQIA community looks like a lot of different things, from asking for and using a person's correct pronouns to being active in advocating for LGBTQIA rights in legislation and the community. I grew up as a queer little kid in a typically conservative Midwest town, and the lack of queer visibility meant that I just felt different my whole life but didn’t really know why…I just didn’t fit or feel the same as everyone else. Celebrations like pride are super important to honor the LGBTQIA history, and I think showing support by increasing and supporting queer visibility year-round has the potential to make a huge impact on people, kids included feeling safe and accepted and seen.

Westbound Gear

Makers: Eliza + Shannon


Location: San Francisco, California

Instagram:  @webogear

Shop:  https://westboundgear.com/

  • What type of gear do you make? Ultralight backpacking accessories
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community? Donate to local LGBTQIA organizations, speak up as an ally

Wild Brush

Maker:Julianne Mahoney


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Instagram:  @shopwildbrush 

Shop:  https://shopwildbrush.com/

  • What type of gear do you make? Artist-designed outdoor gear
  • How can others support the LGBTQIA community? Stop assuming straight is the norm! People are all along the spectrum of sexuality and being welcoming of everyone should be the standard

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