Starry Night - Ripstop by the Roll

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Starry Night

$21.00 /yd
  • In a work that would make Van Gogh proud, designer  HK Designs adapts the timeless classic Starry Night in high resolution digital art. 

    This pattern is available in both 4 yd and 5 yd NO REPEAT versions, meaning the art has no visual repeat over 4 yds or 5 yds in length, making it ideal for use in large panel objects like hammocks, tarps, and tents. 

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    NOTE - All OutdoorINK ® print on-demand fabrics are sold by the yard, with a maximum continuous cut of 10 yds

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  • See below for more pattern details/specs. This pattern is wide format, meaning it has a base repeat in width of greater than 60". In addition, this is a 4 yd NO REPEAT pattern, meaning there is no visual repeat over 4 yds in length. Pattern is also available in a 5 yd NO REPEAT version. 

    Keep in mind that this pattern is NOT a seamless repeat in length and is best printed in 1 to 4 yd increments (1 to 5 yds if selecting 5 yd NO REPEAT version) to avoid a visual seam. 

    Note that all images are digital representations of the pattern and that opacity, colors, etc will vary based on the fabric you select for printing. 

    Pattern Details
    Pattern Starry Night
    Format Size Wide - 4 yd NO REPEAT or 5 yd NO REPEAT
    Base Repeat Size 60" x 144" or 60" x 180"
    Designer HK Designs

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