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Hangtime Hook

Blaze Orange
  • The Hangtime Hook by Ridgeline Media Systems LLC is  specifically designed for managing a phone, hands-free in a hammock. It allows adjustment for level, horizontal and vertical operation, and for viewing phones e-readers and tablets on a diagonal lay. It also organizes power banks, wires, and other accessories. It may be stabilized with shock cord and fixed in place along the ridgeline of your tarp or hammock with the provided cord lock.

    The Hangtime Hook works well with both 7/64" Amsteel and 1.75mm Lash-It/Zing-it hammock ridgeline cordage. It can also be used to attach fans and lights onto your ridgeline for the most comfortable, convenient night's sleep you could ask for!

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Olive, Blaze Orange
    Brand Ridgeline Media Systems LLC
    Material Plastic
    Dimensions TBD
    Weight 1.75 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Not just for hammockers!

Yeah, I hammock, with a RL. It's my camp chair, nap spot, my one real luxury in the backcountry. But I prefer to tent camp (I know, go ahead and hate me) with a RL inside, since I like it better than any gear loft I've had. The hangtime hook works perfectly for both! Sure it sways a bit, anything on a RL will. But have you ever tried holding your phone up while laying down and reading your favorite read? WORTH EVERY PENNY! And RSBTR shipping kicked butt so I didn't wait long.

Hi Punk, I use a hangtime hook every day. Enjoy it!
Very Useful

This upgraded version is vastly superior to the original. Very handy