Fallen Leaves - Ripstop by the Roll

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Fallen Leaves

$21.00 /yd
  • Designed from the ground up (literally), the best selling Fallen Leaves pattern was created by designer HK Designs using photos of actual fallen forest leaves near his home in upstate New York.

    Although the original version was made for Fall, the pattern is now available in a variety of color variants designed to blend perfectly with leafy foliage environments in any season. 

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  • See below for more pattern details/specs. This pattern is wide format, meaning it has a base repeat in width of greater than 60". This ensures no visual pattern repeat across the width of any fabric you choose to print on.

    Want to see what a full yard will look like? Check out the image labeled "Linear Yard Repeat" to the left on this page. This image shows you what a typical yard (60" x 36") of printed fabric will look like in this pattern.

    Note this is just a digital image and that opacity, colors, etc will vary based on the fabric you select for printing. 

    Pattern Details
    Pattern Fallen Leaves
    Format Size Wide
    Base Repeat Size 60" x 36"
    Designer HK Designs

Customer Reviews

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Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves Ripstop nylon

I bought this fabric to make an anorak for my son, a lieutenant in the Canadian Forces. It is a very high quality, supple fabric. Water ran off it. I haven't sewn it yet, but I see no challenge with it.

Fallen leaves

Great,looks exactly like its pic. I went with the hyper d ...should have went thicker

Fallen leaves is pretty awesome. Thanks for your comments. Please send us a message if you ever need anything!
Amazing fabric

I got several yards of this to have a custom top (weather) cover made for my new Chameleon hammock so that it would match the topquilt I already have. Simply put, there's no way I could be more pleased. The pattern on this fabric almost "glows".
Why the DOD hasn't already snapped this one up as their newest camo pattern, I have no idea

Just received this fallen leaves on membrane 15...

It is beautiful. The pictures on here were good enough to get me to buy it but they seriously do it no justice. Really nice product. So nice the wife is going to be angry that she didn't get print on her quilt. Service is excellent. Thank you!

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