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Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality


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* NOTE 2nds Quality - These are seconds quality goods that we screen out for things like cosmetic flaws, discolorations, streaking, minor weaving flaws, etc. All goods are guaranteed 100% functional.

An unavoidable problem for us at RBTR is fabric and insulation remnants. These random pieces usually get created when we hit splices in rolls or the fabric doesn't pass our quality screening. After all, nobody's perfect. 

But in this case, our problem is your profit. All of these pre-cut pieces are marked down 40% from regular price. Score! 

The available remnants will change often as we sell some and create more. Check this page for periodic updates or sign up for our Remnant VIP Club HERE...    No daily site checking  and  no missed deals  on the fabrics/materials you want. 


      Customer Reviews

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      1.7 mtn XL

      Boy this stuff is wide. Like, my MIL in a single wide trailer hallway wide. You can't slide on it very much but I actually like that once I get settled in. I honestly can't see why this was a 2nds but im not complaining.

      0.9 membrane and 1.0 hyper d

      Great fabrics, can't tell why they were 2nd's quality. Good way to gain experience sewing lighter weight fabric.

      great product! super deal!

      Everything arrived very quickly, and exactly as described. I ordered second remnants, and they look perfect to me.

      Great Product and Service

      I have purchased here a few times and the product and service are always first class. I love the selection and ease of finding what I am looking for. Will be back in the future for my next outdoor projects.

      Hard to believe these were 2nds!

      Purchased a 2nds remnant of camo 1.6 Hyper D to make a gathered-end hammock for my son. I had to open the fabric all the way up to see where there was a misprint in the pattern near one end. The misprint is going to be hidden in the creases created by the gathered end - so no big deal. My son absolutely love the feel of the fabric and wouldn't leave the hammock until we told him food was on the table. Gonna have to make me one now!

      Thanks RBTR for all you do for us.

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