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Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality




* NOTE 2nds Quality - These are seconds quality goods that we screen out for things like cosmetic flaws, discolorations, streaking, minor weaving flaws, etc. All goods are guaranteed 100% functional.

An unavoidable problem for us at RBTR is fabric and insulation remnants. These random pieces usually get created when we hit splices in rolls or the fabric doesn't pass our quality screening. After all, nobody's perfect. 

But in this case, our problem is your profit. All of these pre-cut pieces are marked down 40% from regular price. Score! 

The available remnants will change often as we sell some and create more. Check this page for periodic updates or sign up for our Remnant VIP Club HERE...    No daily site checking  and  no missed deals  on the fabrics/materials you want. 


      Customer Reviews

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      Fast and cheap shipping. Great material for my hammocks!

      Hi Max, Thanks for the review. We hope you enjoy the hammocks!

      Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality

      Hi Jim, Thanks for the review! Enjoy the 2nds!
      Epic Deal - 420D Robic (Foliage)

      Picked up some 420D Robic for an absolutely stellar deal. There was a note stating there was a stain on the fabric, but I could not find it - maybe it will show up in brighter light, but I could care less as it is going on a piece of equipment which will undoubtedly see a LOT of sweat and dirt. As always, RBTR shipping and service is insanely good.

      MARPAT remnant

      Ordered the remnant of four yards of the MARPAT PU4000 and got four yards of high quality tarp material. I found the error in the print, a couple of small runs in the dye. Does not change how well it repels water, and still looks pretty cool! Thank you so much! Like another reviewer said, don't join the VIP Remnants Club, I've already gotten in trouble for ordering MORE materials...

      Great stuff

      So I have purchased many different types of remnants and seconds. I have to say I never had an issue with the things I made. The tarp I made with the seconds for the PCT two years ago still looks brand new. It has about 900 miles on it and it looked brand new when I purchased it. With other seconds quality I purchased it was minor things like dirt spots or specking in the black silpoly. With the regular remnants it speaks for itself. Do your self a favor and don’t sign up for the Remnant VIP club, your just gonna get yourself into trouble.

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