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Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality



Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality



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* NOTE 2nds Quality - These are seconds quality goods that we screen out for things like cosmetic flaws, discolorations, streaking, minor weaving flaws, etc. All goods are guaranteed 100% functional.

An unavoidable problem for us at RBTR is fabric remnants. These random pieces usually get created when we hit splices in rolls or the fabric doesn't pass our quality screening. After all, nobody's perfect. 

But in this case, our problem is your profit. All of these pre-cut pieces are marked down 40% from regular price. Score! 

The available remnants will change often as we sell some and create more. Check this page for periodic updates or sign up for our Remnant VIP Club HERE... No daily site checking and no missed deals on the fabrics/materials you want. 

We also have more 2nds quality fabrics available in the Outlet Fabric section of our website!


      Customer Reviews

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      Perfect for a last minute project

      The 2nds Remnants are perfect for when you are using the material for small hidden components such as reinforcement and liners. I could not tell the difference between this and the Ist grade and the piece I purchased was more than enough for our project.

      Thanks so much Dave! That is great advice for the remnant fabrics! We are huge fans of yours here in Durham, and can't wait to hopefully meet in person one day!

      Kayla Storie

      Fabric Remnants - 2nds Quality

      Thanks for the review Kayla! 2nds Quality is the best kept secret!

      Happy MYOG Customer
      Fabric Remnants

      Fabric Remnants is a fantastic department!
      I've found some treasures here. From what is now my favourite, smallest and lightest tarp, to an experimental tarp, the beginnings of what will be an underquilt, to orange flags for the kids to put on a stick while we're outdoors, or have attached outside their packs; occasional fun for them and a little practical help in my eyes.
      It's always worth a look in here, be it hoping to luck into the fabric you want, find things which inspire ideas you'd not thought of, or switch up fabrics previously overlooked.
      Any time I'm looking at the website, I drop by the remnants pages, you never know what goodies await!
      Thanks RBTR! I love it!

      Thanks so much for your awesome review! We are glad you found our remnants and that they are working well for all your DIY projects. Happy making!

      2nds quality?!

      Awesome price for fabric I already wanted, I can't find the reason it's 2nds!

      We're glad you're pleased with the 2nds quality Seth! We'd love to see photos of your creation, be sure to tag us on social media!

      Dmitry Andreev
      Great service and fabric

      I'm new to this Make-Your-Own-Gear thing, was looking for a lightweight tarp, but the prices for such tarps were too high for me. So I bought second quality remnants of 1.1 Silpoly. As for second quality, the label said "spots", but I was able to find very small ones on the edge of fabric where I cut them off anyway. Shipping was super fast. I made a hex tarp using the tutorial here in the "diy kit" product. Sewing was not as bad as I imagined, though the fabric is thin and slippery. Hex tarp is really not a hard project if you have some sewing experience of any kind and take your time with the huge amount of fabric. Very happy with my experience! Will buy again.

      Thank you so much Dmitry! We're glad that the project was easy for you to create and that you're happy with the quality of the 2nds! Let us know if you have questions about future projects, making your own gear is addicting!