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Dyneema® Fabrics Sample Book


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  • Note - This sample book contains both products we currently stock and many others that we do not. For the ones that we do not, some of these will become stock items over the next few months.

    If you are a DIYer or vendor using fabrics with Dyneema®, this is the sample book you've been waiting for. 

    Developed in conjunction with DSM and available exclusively through RBTR, this book contains over 25 Dyneema fabric samples, including: 

    • Composite fabrics - all the DCF you know, plus the ones you don't
    • Technical materials - wovens, knits, denim, RF weldable, and more
    • Developmental items - materials not publicly released yet

    By purchasing this book, you're choosing to gain direct access to the world's most cutting-edge fabrics and materials. 

    For the first time, you'll have physical samples (you know... things you can actually see and feel) of ALL the best Dyneema materials, right in front of you, and in one place. 

    When you need to plan out materials for your next project or product, you'll reach for a neatly organized, hardback DSM Dyneema binder and find the answers. Here's a look inside...

    As for the book itself, each ~5" x 7" sample is laser cut and heat sealed with an info card that contains suggested uses, key data (weight, tensile/tear strength), material composition, available colors, and the DSM product code.

    Think of this sample book as an essential tool to:

    • Guarantee you make the right decision - confidently and on your first try
    • Know your options - both current and the new stuff to come

    And with the price of Dyneema fabrics sitting at $30+ per yard, the cost of mistakes can add up quick.

    That's why if you're using Dyneema as either a DIYer or finished product vendor, you really can't afford NOT to have the Dyneema Sample Book.

    Get yours today. 

    IMPORTANT - Due to limited quantities and high-demand, we will be making and releasing the Dyneema Sample Books in lots of 50-100 at a time. Once sold out, we cannot guarantee a timeframe for more to become available. 

    Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

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great book
Thanks for the review! Have a great week!
Awesome sample book
Hi Scott, Thanks for the review! If you need any help refining selections, please let us know.