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Dyneema® and X-Pac Remnants



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IMPORTANT - Discount codes are not allowed for this product. If you use a discount code, your order will be cancelled without notice and the items will be re-stocked. All sales of remnants are final (no returns or exchanges).

An unavoidable problem for us at RBTR is fabric remnants. These random pieces usually get created when we hit splices, miscut something, or just reach the end of a roll. 

But in this case, our problem is your profit. All of these pre-cut pieces are marked down 20% from regular price. Score.

These bundles contain multiple cuts of fabric in varying lengths. Each cut of fabric in these bundles has a guaranteed minimum of six inches. Bundles contain cuts of fabric up to 45".

Looking for more detailed information about each fabric? The  Dyneema® Composite Fabric Collection and X-Pac Collection pages are the best places to start!

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* NOTE - Some bundles may contain products with slight cosmetic flaws. However, these are perfectly normal and in no way compromise the functionality of the material.

Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

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      Excellent value
      That's a great analogy, we'd love to see photos of your project! Thanks so much for being a customer Scott!
      Great option but folding was terrible
      Love the colors
      Thanks for the review and the tip! Enjoy the remnants!
      6.5 Dyneema woven & 4.2 Dyneema
      Thanks for the review Mary! That's a great analogy with the orange Dyneema. Feel free to share photos of what you're working on, we'd love to see!