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DIY Face Mask Kit (2-Pack)



DIY Face Mask Kit (2-Pack)



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  • IMPORTANT - Per guidance from the CDC, DIY or homemade masks should only be used in "must have" situations when medical grade PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is not available.

    Furthermore, under no circumstance should you use this or ANY mask as a substitute for social distancing or quarantine. Ripstop by the Roll assumes no liability for the use of these masks. 

    Note that due to high demand, we are currently running 4-5 days behind normal fulfillment schedule for orders containing DIY mask kits. 

    Lastly, please limit purchases to only the number of masks that you NEED. During this time of overwhelming demand, we can make the greatest positive impact on COVID-19 by supplying the most people. 

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

    This kit contains all the necessary items to make your own personal protection face mask (2-pack). 

    These masks are easy to make for even a novice sewer in about 5-10 minutes on a home sewing machine.

    To make things faster, we've also laser cut ALL your materials to size...

    This means no wasted time or headaches on marking, cutting, or (gasp) mistakes. Simply remove from the bag and start sewing.

    Here's exactly what you'll get:

    • (4) mask fabric panels - 100% cotton or polyester twill (black or white)
    • (4) strip fabric ties - made from upcycled 1.6 oz HyperD 

    Despite being simple to make, we found this mask design provides a really good fit (i.e. snug around the face), which means better protection.

    Sizing is "one size fits most" and each kit contains materials for two complete masks

    Stay safe. Make good decisions. We'll get through this :).

  • Product Details
    Color Natural White
    Material 100% Cotton or Polyester twill
    Weight N/A
    Instructions Click HERE

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I guess I got what I paid for
Hi Melissa. Sorry to hear the instructions were hard to find. Here is a link: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0261/6507/files/DIY_Face_Mask_Kit_Instructions_FINAL_VERSION.pdf?v=1586788595 Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Happy Sewing!
I miss the “stiff” fabric
Excellent Product
Thanks for the review Rick! We're glad the masks worked out well for you. Stay Safe and Happy Sewing!
Difficult fabric
Strong material
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