Climashield APEX XL - 3.6 oz/sq yd Sale


Climashield APEX XL - 3.6 oz/sq yd Climashield APEX XL - 3.6 oz/sq yd

Climashield APEX XL - 3.6 oz/sq yd

Ripstop by the Roll

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***This is the XL 72" wide version of the standard 60" Climashield APEX. The 60" version of 3.6 oz APEX can be found HERE.

Climashield APEX reaches new heights in combinations of weight and thermal efficiency. Developed from a culmination of over 25 years of manufacturing experience, this innovative insulation is the lightest and most thermally efficient continuous filament insulation on the market today. Like other high-end synthetics, it also maintains warmth in wet and humid conditions.

Due to it's unique continuous filament construction, Climashield APEX requires little to no quilting. This makes it easier to work with when compared to other synthetic insulations that require quilting panels to avoid shifting/migration. Great for sleeping bags, outer wear, and quilts. 

For additional information, please visit the Climashield website HERE.

*Sold by the linear yd just like fabric. For example, entering a qty of "1" gets you a 36"x72" piece.

ripstop samplesSAMPLES - Trouble deciding or want to see the fabric first hand? Head over to our samples page to order a custom sample pack.

What does CLIMASHIELD manufacture?  

The core technology of Climashield insulation products is a unique continuous filament manufacturing process. This proprietary process provides a significant competitive advantage for Climashield products when compared to other competitive insulation offerings.

What do you mean by "a unique continuous filament manufacturing process"? 

Climashield is comprised of thousands of continuous strands of synthetic fibers in a unique interlocking solution. By carefully combining specially designed continuous fibers with our proprietary formation process, Climashield products are manufactured with superior thermal efficiency and durability performance to alternative insulations.

What are the advantages of Climashield over down insulation? 

There are many; however, we do recognize that down has excellent "dry" thermal efficiency performance. But insulation in today’s applications need to do so much more. This is why the US military removed down from their high performance gear many years ago: 
  1. Climashield maintains thermal efficiency in wet and humid conditions. Down is a very poor insulator when wet.
  2. Climashield is more cost-effective than down. Down feathers can clump and separate requiring expensive manufacturing techniques during assembly and causing problems in the field.
  3. Climashield retains warmth over time, even after multiple uses and laundering while laundering down products can be very counter-productive.
  4. Live plucking issues continue to be reported when reaping down.

How does Climashield perform versus other synthetic insulations?

Competitive insulation technologies are almost exclusively made from cut fibers, meaning the fiber strands are extremely short. This requires expensive quilting techniques and/or use of non-value added scrims in order to prevent clumping and separation. Moreover, laundering performance is poor, significantly impacting the thermal performance and shortening the life cycle of the final product. In comparison, Climashield products require minimal to no quilting contingent upon article design and can be laundered repeatedly with no deterioration in thermal performance.

NEW - I want to make a Climashield® APEX quilt. What are the temperature ratings? 

The ultimate temp rating of a quilt or apparel is subject to several variables, but as a rough guide, the following temperature ratings can be expected when using single-layers of Climashield® APEX insulation:

2.5 oz - 50o F
3.6 oz - 40o F
5.0 oz - 30o F
7.5 oz - 10o F


Product Details
Manufacturer Harvest CI
Product Name Climashield APEX
Weight 3.6 oz/yd2 
Width 72"
DRY clo value 0.82 oz/yd2
WET clo value TBD
Quilting requirements None - continuous filament, requires little to no quilting
Loft 0.9" (2.3 cm)
Scrim No scrim

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ripstop samplesSAMPLES - Trouble deciding or want to see the fabric first hand? Head over to our samples page to order a custom sample pack.

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