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Appalachian Hammock - Original


Blaze Orange
Charcoal Gray
Dark Brown
Dark Gray
Dark Olive
Dark Olive Nylon 6.6
Deep Purple
Hot Pink
Olive Drab
Olive Yellow
Real Teal
Robin Egg Blue
Royal Blue
Spectra Yellow

  • 11' gathered-end hammock Made in USA out of 1.9 oz Ripstop Nylon. Weight Rating of 400 lbs. 

    Includes accompanying stuff sack, but no suspension (end channels or webbing). 

    If you'd like to add suspension, consider the following:


    Cinch buckles - buy one pair per hammock

    Amsteel - buy one 25' section per hammock (*alternatively, you could buy two continuous loops here)

    Hammock to Tree

    Daisy Chain straps (pair)

    Sewn loop straps (pair)

    Whoopie Slings (order two)


    • This is a closeout and ALL SALES ARE FINAL
    • Hammocks do not include suspension of any type
  • Product Details
    Colors Various
    Fabric 1.9 oz Ripstop Nylon
    Weight Rating

    400 lbs (*Note that this is just a suggested  weight rating. Hammocks can fail at any time for a variety of reasons and you should NEVER hang higher than you are willing to fall.) 

    Width ~58'' 
    Length 11 feet
    Finished Weight 12.2 ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adirondack hammock

Awesome product. Sturdy and comfortable, and a good value.

Comfortable Hammock

This is a very comfortable hammock. Had to add the end loops but that's not a worry I was able to utilize ultralight cordage. I like how it doesn't overlap my body when I lay in it and I can lay almost completely flat when at an angle. (I sleep head left in the hammock) great for someone who wants a good quality very light customizable hammock without sewing a bunch yourself.

Hi there, Thanks for the review! We're thrilled you're enjoying the hammock.

I've been wanting a hot pink hammock for a couple of years now since discovering RBTR's hot pink ripstop nylon. Not because I needed it, but because it sounded like a lot of fun; but I could never quite justify it (I've got 8 hammocks already). Then along comes Ripstop's Appalachian Hammock fire sale and I can't help myself. After all, THIS one comes pre-made. And very professionally made to boot!

Well, it's absolutely stunning!! It takes me back to high school (ca. 1985). If I lose this in the woods, it won't be because I can't see it!

HI Scott, Thanks for the review! They are great hammocks, and we're glad you were able to snag one while we had them.
Nice color

Thinking I was ordering a complete hammock - I didn't realize until I received them that they only include the material - not the rope or anything else - so now I have three yellow hammocks that I need to concoct a combination of the right ropes and whatever other accessories to make these useful as hammocks. Next time I need to read more closely.

Cool hammock

I have not taken it out in the wild, so this review is strictly based on look and feel. It looks and feels great, I have every expectation that it's going to do fine.

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