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Appalachian Hammock - HEX12 Tarp



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  • 12' HEX tarp Made in USA out of  1.1 oz Silpoly.

    Features include:

    • Fully bound grosgrain perimeter and ridgeline
    • 1" D-rings at all ground tie-outs, 1/2" Beastie Ds at ridgeline

    Includes accompanying stuff sack. Tarps do not have panel pulls. This is a closeout and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 


    1. Seam sealing - We strongly advise seam sealing to avoid ridgeline leaks. You can purchase the Silnet to do this HERE
    2. Ridgeline modification - Along the interior of the ridgeline, there are three grosgrain tabs originally meant for clipping accessories. You will need to trim these off (simply cut off with scissors) prior to seam sealing. 
  • Product Details
    Colors Various
    Material 1.1 oz Silpoly
    Ridgeline Length 12 foot

     18 oz

Customer Reviews

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AMAZING Appalachian Hammock Hex tarp!!

I was lucky enough to pick up one of the leftover 12' Appalachian Hammock 1.1oz silpoly camo hex tarps from the fire sale they recently had...... FOR ONLY $60! The quality of this tarp is equal to every other cottage made tarp I own and was an absolute steal at that price. It came in a huge stuff sack that has the AH logo on it and will fit the tarp, Zing-it RL & guyouts with room to spare. I picked up 50' of 2.3mm reflective cord and 4 Line Lock Hooks that will attach to the tarps 1" corner D-rings via reflective shock cord loops that are larks headed on. I did have to seam seal the RL, but used a small syringe that comes with children's Tylenol to inject it directly onto the threads with minimal use of the included brush needed. Overall this is an awesome tarp and has quickly become my new favorite..... and I've only used it once so far!