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3.3 oz Ventek 30 WPB - A-TACs iX Camo

$14.00 /half yd

28 half yards in stock

  • The result of over a year of development, testing, and pushing limits,   Ventek  is our custom designed, high-performance WPB fabric line. Now available for the first time in   A-TACs camo.

    Waterproof/Breathable (aka WPB) fabric is exactly what the name implies - both   waterproof  AND   breathable.

    To achieve this, WPB fabric uses a specially formulated laminate film that is highly resistant to water droplet penetration (i.e. rain) while also allowing moisture vapor (i.e. sweat) to pass through and escape.

    3.3 oz Ventek 30 is a 3-layer WPB fabric designed to balance weight and durability while maintaining performance (waterproofness and breathability) that rivals big names like Gore-Tex and eVent.

    Great for a wide range of applications such as jackets, over mittens, gaiters, pants, ponchos, bivy shells, and more.  

    *Note that this fabric is  sold in 1/2 yd increments     to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.    

  • A-TACS® camo patterns are quickly becoming the go-to concealment technology with various tactical professionals, law enforcement, and special operations personnel around the globe.

    Each A-TACS® camo pattern is designed to perform optimally in a certain climatic zone while utilizing both micro and macro patterns to conceal the user both up-close and at a distance. Read more about the A-TACS® camo patterns HERE.

    A-TACS iX camo in the field

  • Product Details
    Width ~57" (selvedge removed)
    Weight 3.3 oz/yd 2(finished weight)
    Denier 30D 
    Yarn Polyester
    Ripstop Grid Box/square mini-grid (1 mm x 1 mm)
    Finish/Coating DWR front with WPB PU membrane laminated backside
    Laminate Type 3-layer proprietary PU laminate 
    Hydrostatic Head (waterproof rating) >10,000 mm 
    MVTR (breathability rating) > 22,000  g/m 2 /24 hr
    Full Lab Test Data  TBD 


    * Taping/Sealing - Unlike our 1.4 oz Ventek, 3.3 oz Ventek cannot be sealed with cuben fiber tape or traditional PU sealant like Seam Grip. If you need or want to seam seal, you will need a tricot backed, 3-layer tape for best results. We don't currently carry this product, but it can be purchased elsewhere. We expect to have our own 3-layer seam sealing tape here on the site in the near future.

    * Cleaning - To ensure proper function of your WPB fabric, it is VERY important to keep it clean on both the inside (laminate) and face (30D ripstop nylon). We recommend wiping with a damp cloth periodically to remove dirt, oils, etc that build up over time. You can also purchase a product such as ReviveX Pro Cleaner for prep.

    * DWR maintenance - Another key to proper function is periodic DWR maintenance on the face material (10D ripstop nylon). Although we use one of the highest quality 80/20 DWR formulations, deterioration does occur over time. We highly recommend the purchase and use of a DWR restorer such as ReviveX Durable Waterproofing spray. 

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