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1.6 oz HyperD - Prym1 Camo

$14.25 /yd

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  • Our best selling, custom woven diamond grid ripstop nylon 1.6 oz HyperD, now available in Prym1® camo. 

    Designed for superior performance and feel compared to standard square grid ripstop, HyperD is incredibly strong yet still very soft to the touch.

    At 1.6 oz, this fabric fills the void between 1.9 oz and 1.1 oz weights when you're looking for something lighter while retaining maximum strength/durability.

    The premium choice fabric for projects such as hammocks, stuff sacks, synthetic quilt/comforter shells, breathable/lightweight garments, or lightweight bags.

  • Prym1 camo

    When hunting, we don't always stay put in front of a tree. More often than not, we're stalking our prey. This presents a problem if your camouflage is designed to only blend into a wooded terrain with tree and leaf elements. 

    Prym1® Camo is different. Professionally designed by wildlife artist and lifelong hunter Stacie Walker, Prym1® is built around a core idea of using organic shapes that mimic natural predators rather than trees and leaves.

    We all want to function with the efficiency and utility of a predator, whether we're hunting, fishing, or in a tactical environment. Prym1® makes that possible. 



  • Product Details
    Brand Prym1® Camo
    Colors/Patterns MP (Multi-Purpose), Woodlands (* NOTE - full palette of Prym1 camo patterns available via print on-demand HERE)
    Width ~60'' 
    Denier 40D
    Downproof NO
    Weight  1.6 oz/yd 2
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR, uncalendered

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
HyperD rocks... Mostly

I really like 1.6 uncalendered HyperD for applications that require or can handle high breathability BC it really delivers and had a great hand feel.

As with anything nylon (polyester less so IME) it ravels quiet a bit until the raw edges are tucked away or hot cut. No biggie.

Biggest problem is that the colors don't stand up to any laundering. Now there are a ton of projects that essentially will never get laundered. So it may not be a big deal for your usage but I'd for some of mine

Love the different camo patterns.

Great patterns and great material!