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1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000 - MARPAT Camo

$6.50 /yd

  $8.50 /yd

1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000 - MARPAT Camo

$6.50 /yd

  $8.50 /yd

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  • This is the high water-resistance version of our 2nd generation 1.1 oz Silpoly line of coated materials. This fabric is coated with a silicone/PU layer on one side, then a multi-pass PU coating on the other to create a highly waterproof/non-breathable fabric.

    Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption and increased UV resistance, but with a much higher waterproof rating. The PU4000 also has less bias stretch, making it easier to sew.

    Great for projects such as tent/shelter floors, ground sheets, tarps, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, or any application where lightweight, highly waterproof/windproof fabric is needed.

    *Note - shiny side is PU4000 and dull is sil/PU. If seam sealing this fabric, you will need a sealant intended for PU coated materials (e.g. Seam Grip).

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page.

    What is MARPAT camo?

    MARPAT (short for Marine pattern) is a digital camouflage pattern in use with the United States Marine Corps, introduced with the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU), which replaced the Camouflage Utility Uniform. Its design and concept are based on the Canadian CADPAT pattern.

    The pattern is formed of small rectangular pixels of color. In theory, it is a far more effective camouflage than standard uniform patterns because it mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in natural settings. It is also known as the "digital pattern" or "digi-cammies" because of its micropattern (pixels) rather than the old macropattern (big blobs).
  • Product Details
    Color MARPAT Camo
    Panton ref # N/A 
    Width ~58'' usable, selvedge removed
    Weight  1.1 oz/yd 2 (*~1.4 oz/yd 2 with sil/PU + PU4000 coating)
    Denier 20D x 20D
    Finish/Coating Sil/PU mix one side, multi-pass PU4000 other side
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) ~4000 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A. Kim
Great for beginners!

I am totally new to sewing and RSBTR helped me get my new hobby off to a great start. They had everything I needed to start my first project: a silpoly tarp. With a little practice and info available on this website, I was able to successfully complete my project in a few hours. Thanks RSBTR for making this possible! I had a blast making my own gear!

Hey there! Thanks so much for the review. We are glad we could help you create an awesome piece of gear. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you need anything.

Ross Tapp
Easy to work with

Easy to sew and work with, light and highly water proof.

Jess T.

This was my second purchase from RBR, and will be making more.

Valerie D.

Excellent Servuce

Robert W.
Great fabric, confusion on selvedge?

This was my third order from RSBTR and I am very happy with the quality of the fabric. With that said, I have apparently misunderstood as I assumed the selvidge was removed prior to shipment and it does appear much of it is removed. With that said, all three silpoly fabrics have still had some selvidge in sections of the fabric that have required clean up as I am making waterproof projects. I may have incorrect assumptions on the removal or it may be a qc issue, I'm not sure. As for the quality of the fabric itself, I have seen several tarps with it and it totally rocks! It is easy to work with, crazy light, and based on hard use so far, very waterproof with little to no unwanted stretch.