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0.75 oz MTN 7 Ripstop Nylon 6.6 - Full Roll


0.75 oz MTN 7 Ripstop Nylon 6.6 - Full Roll


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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 0.75 oz MTN 7 Ripstop Nylon 6.6 (50 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    The Mountain Series is a hand selected collection of the highest performance fabrics/materials on earth - each one optimized for applications ranging from tarp/shelters, to quilts, hammocks, packs, and other high-end outdoor gear.

    At just 0.75 oz, this is the lightest fabric in our MTN series line and to our knowledge, the lightest nylon 6.6 on the market today.

    Durability is always a question with ultralight fabrics...

    But made out of nylon 6.6 versus the more common nylon 6 yarn, MTN7 maximizes performance in abrasion resistance, tear/tensile strength, and thus durability over time.

    Don't get us wrong. This is still an ultralight and very thin fabric (see ULTRALIGHT note below).

    But with that said, among all our ultralight fabrics,  you will instantly find MTN7 to be one of the sturdiest and most durable for its weight.

    Typical uses include high-end quilts/blankets, jackets, wind gear, beanies, or any application where you're looking to get maximum durability in a downproof/windproof ultralight fabric.

    Note that this fabric uses a specialized downproof coating to achieve near perfect downproofness and high wind resistance. Please be aware that this does in turn reduce air permeability and breathability.

    AIR PERM NOTE - Because of reduced air permeability, we do not recommend using MTN7 for both the inner AND outer layers of any fully enclosed application (e.g. quilts). For best results, use together with a fully breathable layer of fabric (e.g. MEMBRANE 10 ).

    ULTRALIGHT NOTE - This is a high-end, niche ultralight material. When choosing to use it, you accept that all ultralight materials are inherently less durable than heavier options. Treat them with care and caution.

  • Product Details
    Colors Charcoal Gray, Dark Olive
    Width 57'' (including selvedge)
    Weight  0.75 oz/yd 2
    Denier 7D
    Yarn High-Tenacity Nylon 6.6 
    Ripstop Grid Mini double-grid (square)
    Finish/coating Hot Cire/Calendered with DWR and downproof coating
    Downproof? YES
    Tear Strength (ASTM D1424) TBD

Customer Reviews

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0.75 oz MTN 7 Ripstop Nylon 6.6

Pretty awesome stuff!!!

I made an underquilt for my Helinox Chair Zero with 0.75 MTN 7 Ripstop Nylon 6.6 and Climashield Apex 3.6. It keeps the cheeks toasty!!!