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0.67 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric CT1E.08/O4K.18


/half yd

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  • 0.67 oz/yd 2  Dyneema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber). This is the same base material as the 0.51 oz DCF, but with an added mylar layer for increased abrasion/puncture resistance. DCF is a patented, ultra-lightweight fabric made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema ®  fibers.

    This fabric is costly and for good reason. It's   15x stronger than steel  and provides the   highest tear and tensile strength  of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. Use only for projects that demand high-performance and the absolute best in ultra-lightweight, waterproof fabric.

    The 0.67 oz/yd 2 variant of DCF is best for ultralight tarps, tents, flys, and light duty stuff sacks.

    *Note that all DCF fabrics are  sold in 1/2 yd increments  to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.  

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  • Product Details
    Colors Burnt Orange
    DSM Product ID CT1E.08/O4K.18
    Width 54'' 
    Weight  0.67 oz/yd 2 
    Finish/Coating 100% Waterproof

Customer Reviews

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Glowin in the Wind

The electric orange color is great! It begs not to be forgotten when breaking camp. I've built several stuff sacks so far, and frankly, I wonder if the material is even .67 oz/yd2. It seems so light. In fact, I literally had to put a ruler on top of the raw pieces to keep them from blowing off my work table. The only seeming downside to the fabric (trail-test pending) is that its so light, it does not hold a crease as well as other weights. So, it's a little tougher to tape down folds accurately. But did I mention how light it is ... lighter than a ziplock bag, even with the string and cord lock!

Hi Matt, Thanks for the review! Enjoy the .67 Dyneema!

You guys are so prompt with shipping, and I just love working with this stuff. I have made dry bags for myself, and for friends. So light and durable!