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0.66 oz MEMBRANE 10 taffeta nylon

$9.95 /yd
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  • MEMBRANE 10® is an ultralight 10 denier breathable, calendered, and DOWNPROOF taffeta nylon. We developed MEMBRANE 10® with the goal of making a UL fabric that offers excellent wind/water resistance, incredibly soft hand feel, and tested downproofing in both lab and field use - all at a great price point. 

    At 10 denier and a finished weight of 0.66 oz/yd 2, MEMBRANE 10® is one of the thinnest/lightest taffeta nylon fabrics on the market today. A premium choice ultralight material for applications such as quilts, jackets, sleeping bags, garments, and lining material. 

    Interested in what makes MEMBRANE 10® different from the rest? See below for additional info on construction/finishing, IDFL downproof test results, and who's using MEMBRANE 10 in their products. 

    NOTE  - Colors with a reduced price of $7.95 /yd are being phased out of inventory. Once sold out, they will not be restocked.  

    What is MEMBRANE 10® and what makes it different from other UL fabrics?  

    MEMBRANE 10® is a 10 denier taffeta weave nylon fabric. The taffeta weave was sought out specifically as testing has proven it to be much softer and more downproof than other weaves, including standard ripstop nylon. By downproof, we mean the ability of the fabric to prevent leakage of natural down or other synthetic insulation fibers when used in an end product over time (e.g. quilt or jacket). Selecting the optimum weave is even more important for ultralight fabrics as it's inherently more difficult to make thinner, lighter fabrics with high-quality downproofing. In addition to optimum weave selection, we employ a specialized finishing process that is unique to MEMBRANE 10®. This process takes the taffeta weave and further improves both the hand feel and the downproofness of the finished fabric.

    You say MEMBRANE 10® is downproof. Has it been tested in a lab? 

    YES. Throughout development we've had MEMBRANE 10® fabric tested multiple times at International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL), the industry leader in down and feather testing. Based on our latest round of testing, we are very proud to report the highest possible EXCELLENT rating of 5/5 stars. Aside from being one of the only 10D fabrics we've seen  with a 5-star rating , MEMBRANE10® achieves this high-level of downproofness with no silicone or PU coating on the backside of the fabric. In short, this means maximum downproofness, minimum weight, and no loss of breathability. 

    Where is MEMBRANE 10® being used? 

    MEMBRANE 10® was developed specifically for high-end, ultralight outdoor gear but also finds application in a variety of areas including high-end garments.
  • Product Details
    Width 58'' 
    Weight  0.66 oz/yd 2 
    Denier 10D
    Finish/Coating Breathable, calendered with DWR

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Great stuff!

Used for the inside of my quilt. Feels soft, but very strong for the weight. Great service!!!

Underquilt Is Awesome!

I bought 2 downproof fabrics, the Membrane 10 and the 1.0 ripstop. I made an underquilt out of them with some new synthetic down insulation I bought. It turned out very well. I have to say, this is the second time I’ve purchased the Membrane 10 and it always amazes me how soft and silky feeling it is, and it’s SO thin you wonder how it could be fabric at all! Love it! This was my first time with the 1.0 calendared ripstop, and while it is also thin, it feels extremely strong as well. Ripstop By The Roll always takes good care of me.


0.66 oz MEMBRANE 10 taffeta nylon

Great materials!

I ordered silnylon, .66oz membrane, and .5oz no-see-um to make a big agnes fly creek clone... it turned out great! Pics are here: imgur.com/a/zMvZHxx

Good stuff!

This nylon taffeta membrane is the lightest and highest quality fabric out there. This is the stuff those high end retailers use. A few DIY tricks and you can be making your own quality products without spending the big bucks at a sporting goods store.

HI Samuel, Thank you for your review, and your support! We'd love to see what you make out of the Membrane 10. You can submit projects to us under the 'Projects' link on the main navigation bar.
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