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Glossary | Riptionary

Glossary of Terms of Ripstop by the Roll


The Riptionary is a glossary of terms that you'll find across our website. Whether you're making your own gear, ordering a custom cut, designing a custom print, or ordering from our wholesale department, there's a lot of funky terms to know. This is another way that we want to help you be a more knowledgable consumer. 


What to expect from the Riptionary: 

  • Definition
  • Examples
  • Linked Products
  • Pronunciation 


The warp of a material refers to the vertical or lengthwise direction of a fabric.

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The weft of a material refers to the horizontal or widthwise direction of a fabric.

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Thread Count

The combined number of threads taken from the warp and weft. 

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Hydrostatic Head

HH is a rating of how waterproof a fabric is. 

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Nylon 6.6

Nylon 6.6 is a synthetic polyamide that is stronger than standard nylon. 

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