Customer Project: Underquilt

by Jake Williams

This is a recent underquilt project that I put together.  After looking at my options online, I found that I could make my own quilt of similar or better quality for a much better price.  I enjoy sewing and thinking through projects like this, so it was fun to put together.  I used a number of online resources and youtube videos to come up with my construction methods.
Customer Project: Underquilt
Customer Project: Underquilt
Customer Project: Underquilt


All materials came from RBTR and I feel very good about the quality.  Ordering and shipping was no hassle and everything arrived in great condition.

Gutermann Mara 70 thread, Vader Blue:              1 roll
0.67 oz Noseeum Baffle Material 2.5”:                    50 ft.
HyperDry 800 FP Duck Down:                                     12oz
1.0 oz HyperD diamond ripstop nylon (outer):    3yd
0.66 oz Membrane 10 taffecta nylon (inner):       3yd
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How do I make it?

I used the Catsplat calculator (found on Hammock Forums) to figure out the baffle dimensions.  Then I marked everything out with a grease pencil before sewing anything.  I'm lucky enough to have a couple of really big tables at work, so that helped.  I then sewed the baffles onto the interior side before doing the exterior.  I found that it helped to have a bunch of binder clips so I could roll the sides up and run them through the sewing machine much easier.  I packed in about 11oz of down.  All in all I'm very happy with the result and I can't wait to get out camping!

Thanks for checking it out,