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5.2 oz Coated Woven with Dyneema® CTwov35 - SECONDS

$17.00 /half yd

  $27.50 /half yd

Only 56 half yards in stock

  • IMPORTANT - This is a SECONDS quality material with special pricing.

    Please note that because these are limited release demo materials, we cannot offer samples or  accept any returns. For some developmental fabrics (like this one), you may find  cosmetic flaws in some sections. These in no way compromise the functionality of the material. 

    Proprietary coated and 100% fully woven 375D Dyneema®.

    Originally developed for heavy use pack rafts and cut proof ski pants, this fabric is highly waterproof and extremely abrasion and cut resistant. 

    Unlike similar weight composites such as 5.0 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid, this material is made from 100% Dyneema yarn.

    Put simply, ounce for ounce it's one of the strongest, most durable materials you can buy (or will ever have the chance to buy).

    Typical uses include bags, backpacks, reinforcement areas, etc.

    * Note that this fabric is sold in 1/2 yd increments to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.

    Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

  • Product Details
    Colors Lime Green (*G7 DSM color code)
    Yarn Content   100% Dyneema (375 denier)
    Weave Plain
    Width ~54''

    ~5.2 oz/yd


    Proprietary impregnated resin (both sides). Extremely waterproof (estimated HH >3000 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Dry Back pack
Hey Kasi, thanks for the review! This material is very abrasion resistant, so a little unusual to have it hole the first time you used it. Reach out of us if you run into any other issues with the fabric. Feel free to share photos of your dry bag backpack, we'd love to see!
Limited 5.2 oz CTwov35
Thanks for the review Brion! We'd love to see photos of your finished bag, be sure to share with us!
Very happy with the products I purchased.
Thank you! We appreciate your review. Enjoy this awesome Dyneema and Happy Sewing!
Great products and people!
Sorry to hear you had slower than expected shipping. Thanks for sticking with us during these busy times we are encountering. We appreciate your business and let us know if there is anything we can do to help in the future. Happy Sewing Brent!
Rip it!!
Thanks Derek! We appreciate you!
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