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1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000

$7.75 /yd

1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000

$7.75 /yd

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    This is the high water-resistance version of our 2nd generation 1.1 oz Silpoly line of coated materials. This fabric is coated with a silicone/PU layer on one side, then a multi-pass PU coating on the other to create a highly waterproof/non-breathable fabric.

    Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption and increased UV resistance, but with a much higher waterproof rating. The PU4000 also has less bias stretch, making it easier to sew.

    Great for projects such as tent/shelter floors, ground sheets, tarps, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, or any application where lightweight, highly waterproof/windproof fabric is needed.

    *Note - shiny side is PU4000 and dull is sil/PU. If seam sealing this fabric, you will need a sealant intended for PU coated materials (e.g. Seam Grip).

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page.

  • Product Details
    Width ~58''  (147.3 cm) usable, selvedge trimmed
    Weight  1.1 oz/yd 2   (39.7 grams) (*~1.4 oz/yd 2 with sil/PU + PU4000 coating) 
    Denier 20D x 20D 
    Finish/Coating Sil/PU mix one side, multi-pass PU4000 other side
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating)

    ~4000 mm 

    Data Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Teddy Warfle
Silpoly PU4000

Used for a bathtub floor for a tent. The PU coating reduces the slip of normal silpoly making it a lot easier to sew.

Perfect application! We're glad you found this fabric for your bathtub floor, enjoy!

Ronald W Rothenberger

Great product. Bought for footprint and rain fly for my tentFoot print was completed before trip. Rain fly not, but used straight from roll material, with 6 stones tied in corners and mid with chalk line for quick and super effective fly to keep Labrador, CAN rain at bay. 👍

Thanks so much for your review Ronald! We'd love to see photos of our creations, here is a link if you'd like to share any with us! https://forms.gle/1xNyCSfYJ976vwS9A

David J
Great for tent tubs

I have made a few free standing tents over the last 2 years and I found out silnylon is a slip and slide when used as a tent floor. This Silpoly PU4000 has enough urethane to create some traction and still stay pretty light. I just wish RSBTR would update their projects page so the DIY community can continue to share and inspire

Thank for your review David! That is a great idea for a project. We are working on a new space for makers to share projects, stay tuned! We'd love to see photos of your project, here is a link if you'd like to share! https://forms.gle/erH82vVyNZF8UPao8

Phil Jones
Great for pack covers

I recently purchased some silpoly 1.1 Oz pu 4000 to make a pack cover. The material it is a little heavier than regular soap Ali 1.1 Oz but it works great as a pack cover.

Thanks for your review Phil! This is a great fabric for making your own pack cover. We'd love to see photos of your project, be sure to tag us on social media!

Excellent service and product

Great materials and excellent service, with super prompt delivery to Australia.

Thanks so much JWP! We're glad you were able to receive your materials quickly across the pond! We'd love to see what you're creating, be sure to tag us on social media!

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