1.1 oz Silpoly XL

$6.75 /yd

1.1 oz Silpoly XL

$6.75 /yd

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    *Note - Due to roll width slitting limitations, selvedge has NOT been removed for these goods. Current product pics are temporary placeholders to show color range.

    Wider and more waterproof, 1.1 oz Silpoly XL is the big brother to our best selling 1.1 oz Silpoly material. Put simply, it's over a foot wider with one of the best waterproof ratings on the market for lightweight coated fabrics.  

    Designed from the ground up by us, the custom woven XL width and enhanced waterproof coating combine to offer best in-class coverage and protection from the elements. 

    In addition to mega coverage and it's waterproof/windproof characteristics, Silpoly XL offers lower water absorption and increased UV resistance compared to Silnylon. Particularly useful in outdoor applications to minimize sag/stretch when wet and color fade over time.

    Great for projects such as tarps, tents, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, or any application where lightweight waterproof/windproof fabric is needed.

    *Note  1 - This fabric has matte and shiny sides due to our cire finishing process (see pic). You can place either side towards the elements, but remember to double-check that you're pairing similar sides in projects with multiple panels (e.g. tarps, tents, etc). Should you choose, you can seam seal either side of the fabric with 100% silicone sealant such as Sil-Net.

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page. (not updated for 1.1 oz Silpoly XL yet...)

  • Product Details
    Color Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Green Tea, Moroccan Blue, Olive Yellow, Robin Egg Blue
    Width 72" with selvedge (~70" usable)
    Weight  1.1 oz/yd 2 (*~1.3 oz/yd 2 with sil/PU coating)
    Denier 20D x 20D 
    Finish/Coating Silicone impregnated (coated both sides) 
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) >2500 mm

Customer Reviews

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Love the tarp I made with it
Thanks Sebastiaan, this 1.1 oz Silpoly XL is awesome for tarps! Be sure to tag us in photos on social media!
Thanks for the review Charles! This 1.1 oz Silpoly is a great choice for tarps, did you happen to seal your seams? If you have any questions regarding the condensation reach out to support@ripstopbytheroll.com, we're here to help!
Great Service
Thanks Brian!
So happy with my purchase!
This 1.1 oz Silpoly XL is a great material for a tarp. I'm glad you are happy with the product. Happy biking and happy sewing!
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