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Primaloft Gold - 6 oz/sq yd

$19.75 /yd

Primaloft Gold - 6 oz/sq yd

$19.75 /yd

Only 27 yards in stock

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    For instances requiring warmth, especially in cold and wet conditions, Primaloft Gold insulation is a go-to for technical performance. Engineered for a full spectrum of benefits to provide warmth without bulk resulting in freedom of movement for your activity. One of the main differences between natural down insulation and Primaloft is the ability to maintain warmth when wet. Primaloft employs a proprietary water repellent treatment that ensures you stay warm even when conditions go south. 

    For additional information, feel free to visit www.Primaloft.com.

    * Sold by the linear yd just like fabric . For example, entering a qty of "1" gets you a 36"x60" piece. All orders will come with a 1-layer scrim attached. 

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Primaloft
    Product Name Primaloft Gold (*formerly One)
    Weight 6 oz/yd 2 
    Width 60"
    DRY clo value 0.92 oz/yd 2
    WET clo value 0.90 oz/yd 2
    Quilting requirements 6"
    Loft 1.1" (2.8 cm)
    Scrim 1 layer scrim 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Thickness difference’s

I had bought some Prima gold just to compare it to some Apex I got. I liked how consistently thick it was compared to the Apex which had some gaps of thinner areas. I wanted to make a jacket of the Apex but with the gaps of thinner areas I didn’t want to use it. So I decided to make a jacket out of the Prima but didn’t get enough, so I ordered more. However when I got this yardage it was overall thinner then the 6oz I got before. It weighed correctly but it was just not as thick as my previous. So now I have two different thicknesses of 6oz Prima gold. It was the last yard so I might just use it for the arms. Whomever cut my previous yardage gave me extra so I have enough to make the front, back, and hood pieces.

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review Mary! I'm sorry there were inconsistencies in your insulation order, please reach out to us at support@ripstopbytheroll.com so we can make it right!

Jethro Lincoln
Primaloft Gold

I always know what I'm getting when I order from RSBTR; quality service and quality products.
Thanks for all you do that we don't know about.

Aww, shucks! Thanks so much Jethro, we appreciate you! Let us know if you have any questions about creating and we'd be more than happy to help.

Kriya Dunlap
PrimaLoft gold

Super fast service! Reasonable shipping price to AK.

Hi Kriya, Thanks for the review. Good luck with your project!

Katherine Gushard
great products

what a gem of a online store. just what I needed.

Steven Bell
Warm & Packable

I purchased this for a dog bed as insulation and it is awesome. Yes, it does require quilting and I found a 5"x5" quilt held it in place just fine. I have NO sewing skills and just took my time...no issues. This stuff is the best if you are looking for warmth and packability. A 24"x36" panel packed down to smaller than a 12oz soda can easily. Love this stuff!!

Also, I worked with RSBTR and their customer support was awesome to help me determine the best option for my needs. We discussed this vs Climashield and found this would be best (assume quilting isn't an issue, and it wasn't). Great support!

Hey Steven! So happy this worked well. I enjoyed talking with you to figure the technical stuff out. Let us know if you need anything! - Carter H.

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