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420D ROBIC ripstop nylon

$6.00 /half yd 
Burnt Orange
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  • If you want burly, strong, and durable, you've come to the right place. Our 420D ROBIC® double-grid ripstop nylon was built for the long-haul and is one of the toughest materials we currently offer.

    Like all materials in our ROBIC® line, the difference starts with the yarn. See below for a typical comparison between fabrics using standard Nylon 6 yarn and ROBIC® yarn:

    ROBIC vs Nylon 6

    Translation? ROBIC® fabrics can be up to 50% stronger with up to  2.5x the tear strength. In other words, they're hard to break and tough to rip.    

    We've also added a special  UV protective coating to the face side of the fabric. This extra step protects against sun exposure which can cause color fading and material degradation over time. 

    This material is excellent for backpacks, gear reinforcements, heavy-duty sacks/bags, or any project requiring a tough, durable, and waterproof fabric. 

    Note - Looking for additional colors? Check out our  420D Double-Grid Ripstop Nylon

    *This fabric is  sold in 1/2 yd increments to help reduce cost for smaller projects. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.    

  • Product Details
    Width 60'' (including selvedge, ~58" usable)
    Weight ~6.1 oz/yd 2
    Denier 420D
    Yarn ROBIC® nylon 6
    Grid double-box (square) 
    Finish/Coating PU coated back, DWR and UV front - waterproof

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Too Many Colors Out of Stock and No Responses

The only color that was available was navy blue. I waited and asked about availability of the foliage color and checked periodically. I simply asked if RSBTR was planning to restock the foliage color of the material soon because if not (maybe they are planning to discontinue, etc.?), I was going to make other plans as I already had all the other major materials I needed for my project. I never got a direct answer, but I got plenty of emails about the owner touring around Asia and promotions of their new materials.

Out of frustration, I simply settled for the navy blue. Once I received it I realized the color was much darker than the one shown in the photo. Not a huge deal, but I hope for a better experience if I purchase from RSBTR again. I have purchased from them in the past without much issue, but after this I may be more hesitant to do so in the future.

Great Material, Durable and Good Weight

I am using this as a bottom and front part of shoulder straps for a silnylon pack that I am making and it is the perfect material for it. I haven't gotten to use any of the gear that I have made so far with it but It seems like it will hold up great. Would most definitely buy again.

Good fabric but it affects your shipping price

I ordered a small amount of this fabric to make my own version of the ZPP kit pouches and it worked great as the exterior. Be warned that adding this fabric to your order will affect the shipping price significantly. I ordered a 1/2 yard of this fabric along with a bunch of lighter-weight fabrics, zippers, and webbing and I did not qualify for the flat rate (cheap) shipping because of this piece of fabric (falls under the 420D or higher category).

HI Joe, Thanks for the review! We hope you enjoy the 420D.
Awesome stuff!

Just as described

420D Robic

Awesome quality as always. Hopefully this fabric will make a killer backpack project that I can upload soon.

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