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Omnicolor Solids - Fabric

$34.00 /yd

Omnicolor Solids - Fabric

$34.00 /yd


  • NOTE - Before ordering any Omnicolor fabric, be sure to check out our article on ink penetration for different fabrics/materials HERE

    INK UPDATE (Sept 2020) - due to a recent change in ink formulation, please note that you may see a very slight difference for select colors (mostly warm, gray tones) between Omnicolor printed yardage and the OutdoorINK color map

    Ever found the perfect fabric, only to realize your color is out of stock or worse yet, non-existent? Now you're emailing to find out when more is coming OR settling for a color you don't even want.

    We know the feeling. That's why we've created Omnicolor - 1000+ custom fabric colors printed on-demand at the click of a button.  

    Simply select your fabric, PANTONE color code, and number of yards above. We'll get to work digitally printing your fabric at warp speed using our proprietary, in-house OutdoorINK print process. 

    What's more, with our OutdoorINK Color Maps in hand, you have the power of knowing exactly what each color will look like before you order and fabric. 

    What could you do with all those colors? Here are a few ideas:

    • Find best-match colors to an existing physical sample or product
    • Stand out from the crowd with your unique color selection
    • Create perfectly matched projects or products in a single fabric OR between multiple fabrics

    Whether you're a DIYer or vendor making finished products, it's time to change the color game once and for all. We invite you to break free and join us in the Omnicolor revolution today!

    NOTE - You can view a gallery of all 1341 available PANTONE colors HERE. Please note that your monitor and monitor settings can drastically affect how colors appear on screen. In order to get the most accurate color possible, consider ordering an OutdoorINK Color Map.  

  • Need help selecting a fabric for your application?

    Check out the specs and suggested uses for all our current Omnicolor print fabrics/materials HERE.

  • The best way to sample Omnicolor fabrics is by purchasing an OutdoorINK printed color map for the fabric(s) you're intending to buy.

    This map is an actual linear yard of fabric with printed swatches of all 1341 PANTONE colors. Buying each map thus allows you to see exactly what each color will look like on a given fabric.

    -> Click HERE for OutdoorINK printed color maps

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Steven S.
Fantastic Print

As always, RBTR comes through clutch. The exact color pantone I requested is what I got in the mail. Quality fabric as always and amazing customer service. Love these guys.

Thanks for leaving us a review Steven! We're so glad the custom color turned out exactly as you expected, happy making!

Andy Long
Color choices

Color choices. Omni color choices are great but beware. I’ve been in the outdoor fabric industry for more than thirty years. Color has always been the most important decision a client makes. Or at least to them. I recently ordered a color, judged by sight, from the color map of the same fabric. What I received was almost Olive in color rather than Grey. I had to reorder another yard for my client. In hindsight I think I rushed to a decision, I blame Black Friday discounts ;) but the truth is I wish I would have held up another sample of Grey and a sample of White to the color chart for comparison before ordering. I don’t have a Pantone chart because they are to darn expensive but now I’m thinking it may be a good reference idea with the skyrocketing cost of shipping these days. I’m sure I’ll use the Olive fabric on a future project but I think it more cost effective to take time choosing the color from this great resource Ripstop by the Roll has provided in the Omnicolor Solids. Cheers! Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much for your review and feedback Andy! We apologize that the first color didn't turn out as expected. The color maps on the specific fabric you are wanting to print on is extremely helpful like you mentioned. If you ever have any question about ordering custom printed fabric, shoot us an email. We're always here to help!

David Stewart
Great service

Fabulous customer response and good, quality products. Highly recommended.

Thank David! We're always here to help. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects. Happy making!

Taylor Pope
Just what we needed

The color came out just as we expected from picking it from the printed sample sheet, and the fabric quality was top-notch as always!

Thanks so much Taylor! We're glad the color came out as you expected. Let us know if you have questions about future projects, we're here to help!

josh van jura
Love the color!

As a cottege custom bag maker I love the ability to make stuff for our customers in any color they want. We made a full bikepacking kit in the exact orange they wanted that is not a standard Dimemsion Polyant (VX) color. Thank you!

Thanks Josh! We're glad we can offer custom colors, it makes creating gear so much more fun! We'd love to see photos of the bikepacking kit, be sure to tag us on social media!