1.3 oz Noseeum Bugnet Mesh - A-TACS AU - Ripstop by the Roll

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1.3 oz Noseeum mesh - A-TACS AU

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  • High-quality noseeum mesh in A-TACS AU®(arid/urban) camo pattern. Noseeum is a lightweight yet durable micro-mesh netting used to provide superior insect protection in the outdoors. Constructed with a tight weave and irregular pattern, Noseeum shields you from even the smallest of pests. Great for use in bugnets, tents, blinds, and lightweight gear sacks.

    What is A-TACS®camo? A-TACS® camo patterns are quickly becoming the go-to concealment technology with various tactical professionals, law enforcement, and special operations personnel around the globe. Each A-TACS® camo pattern is designed to perform optimally in a certain climatic zone while utilizing both micro and macro patterns to conceal the user both up-close and at a distance. Read more about the A-TACS® camo patterns here.

    *58-59" usable width after selvedge is trimmed on edges. 100% polyester filament construction.

    NOTE - This item is being phased out of inventory and will not be restocked once it is sold out. 

  • Product Details
    Color A-TACS AU camo
    Panton ref # N/A
    Width 60'' 
    Weight  1.3 oz/yd 2
    Denier 20D
    Finish/Coating None

Customer Reviews

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Love it !!

I love A-tacs camo, and seeing it on a mesh screen is even better. I havn't got the chance to cut a piece and take it out to see how it blends in, but if it's anything like a couple of videos on Youtube...you will look like a pile of rocks when you cover yourself. Looks like it will make a good gun wrap too !

It's cool

Sews and feels like regular mesh, works well with hammock of like color.