1.4 oz 10D Waterproof/Breathable - Ripstop by the Roll

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1.4 oz 10D Waterproof/Breathable

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  • Waterproof/Breathable (aka WPB) fabric is exactly what the name implies - both waterproof AND breathable. To achieve this, WPB fabric uses a specially formulated laminate film that is highly resistant to water droplet penetration (i.e. rain) while also allowing moisture vapor (i.e. sweat) to pass through and escape.

    Ultralight. Our 10 Denier WPB is the result of 8 months of development, testing, and pushing limits. While the even the lightest WPB currently comes in at over 2 oz, our 10D WPB breaks the mold with a finished weight of just 1.4 oz.

    Performance. With waterproofness and breathability rivaling or besting the name brands such as Gore-Tex and eVent (see full lab test data), you don't compromise on performance. Go lighter and be more comfortable doing it. 

    The combination of waterproofness, breathability, and weight make this material excel in ultralight, high-performance rainwear. This variant is a 2.5 layer ultralight WPB, so it's best used in applications where you want the lightest weight and best performance possible, but not necessarily the highest durability.

    Typical applications include jackets, over mittens, gaiters, pants, ponchos, bivy shells, and more. 


    * Taping - For seam sealing, we recommend using our Cuben Fiber repair tape, which sticks quite well to the PU laminate. Seam-Grip can also be used on the PU laminate side, but is a bit messier and leaves a not so clean finish. For bonding layers (joints, seams, etc), we recommend using our double-sided Cuben Fiber adhesive tape

    * Cleaning - To ensure proper function of your WPB fabric, it is VERY important to keep it clean on both the inside (laminate) and face (10D ripstop nylon). We recommend wiping with a damp cloth periodically to remove dirt, oils, etc that build up over time. You can also purchase a product such as ReviveX Pro Cleaner for prep.

    * DWR maintenance - Another key to proper function is periodic DWR maintenance on the face material (10D ripstop nylon). Although we use one of the highest quality 80/20 DWR formulations, deterioration does occur over time. We highly recommend the purchase and use of a DWR restorer such as ReviveX Durable Waterproofing spray. 

  • Product Details
    Width ~57" (selvedge removed)
    Weight 1.4 oz/yd 2(finished weight)
    Denier 10D 
    Yarn Nylon 6
    Ripstop Grid Box/square grid (2.5 mm x 2.5 mm)
    Finish/Coating DWR front with WPB PU membrane laminated backside
    Laminate Type 2.5 layer proprietary PU laminate 
    Hydrostatic Head (waterproof rating) > 9000 mm 
    MVTR (breathability rating) > 27,000  g/m 2 /24 hr
    Full Lab Test Data   CLICK HERE

Customer Reviews

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1.4 oz 10D Waterproof/Breathable

1.4 oz 10D Waterproof/Breathable

Great service and product. Happy with my purchase :)

Better than expected

My plan was to make a poncho that also worked as an underquilt protector; so I needed something that was both waterproof and breathable. Originally I was going to go with 3.3 oz for durability but decided instead to go with the lighter 1.4 oz. No regrets! It more durable than expected and very light weight and packable.

Hi Philip, Thanks for the review! Based on the wording, I assume a 1 star review was unintentional? The 1.4 is a great material, and I'm glad it's working well for you!

1.4 oz 10D Waterproof/Breathable

Hi Wu, We hope you enjoy the 1.4 10D WPB! Thanks for the review!
Great lightweight material

I'm new to the MYOG world, and used this WPB fabric on my first major project - a lightweight rain jacket for my wife. I liked it so much I was halfway thru making her jacket when I ordered additional material to make two more for me and my son! It's incredibly strong - even after removing a few "missed stitches" and having a lot of needle holes I still couldn't tear it. This material is extremely lightweight, quiet and packs down small. The edges do curl a lot as you cut shapes, but I found a few paper clips around the edge help weigh it down enough to make it workable, and even work well for holding two pieces together for sewing. I used Seam-Grip to seal the seams and it seems to work well bonding to the inner side of the fabric and making the jacket truly waterproof. One thing I learned is you definitely need to remove the 'tack' of the Seam Grip with talcum powder after it cures. Even once the seams were cured several days if the inside of the fabric barely touched a seam the Seam Grip held it like glue and trying to unstick it was a mess. A light dusting of talc clears that issue up. But that's more of a Seam Grip review...

My wife says her jacket has kept her dry in the rain, so check one for performance so far. Overall this has been a great product and RBTR gets the orders out fast!

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