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1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon

$7.95 /yd

1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon

$7.95 /yd

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    * Special Note - We are currently transitioning to a wider 74" width for this fabric. See specs for notes on which colors have been transitioned. Thanks!

    The Mountain Series is a hand selected collection of the highest performance fabrics/materials on earth - each one optimized for applications ranging from tarp/shelters, to quilts, hammocks, packs, and other high-end outdoor gear.

    Looking for wider, stronger, and more durable? Meet 1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid - the latest addition to the Mountain Series line and built from the ground up to outperform similar weight nylon fabrics.

    We also did something we've never done before. We call it a Hybrid weave, and essentially what it means is that compared to most standard ripstop fabrics, we use a much thicker, stronger yarn (120D) for the ripstop grid vs the base fabric (40D).

    The result is a stronger, more rugged material with minimal increase in overall finished weight...

    MTN series hybrid weave close up

    Lastly, we utilize a diamond hybrid ripstop grid pattern. This makes the fabric easier to sew, increases comfort for load bearing applications (e.g. hammocks), and tends to extend the overall life of the fabric.

    Like the other fabrics in our XL line, we've custom woven 1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid to be WIDER than standard fabrics at 68" versus the more common 60" width.

    1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid is great for widebody hammocks, rugged synthetic quilt shells, chairs, lightweight bags, or any application where lightweight, strong, and highly durable fabric is needed.

    NOTE - Colors with a reduced price of $6.75 /yd are being phased out of inventory. Once sold out, they will not be restocked.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Foliage, Olive Yellow, Royal Purple, Vader Blue

    ~68'' (including selvage)   (172.7 cm)

    *See below for colors/finishes transitioned to new 74" width. This list will be updated by us as often as possible. 

    ~74"  (188 cm) (including selvage) - Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Foliage, Royal Purple, Vader Blue

    Weight  1.7 oz/yd 2    (48.2 grams)
    Denier Hybrid 40D x 120D
    Yarn Nylon 6
    Grid Diamond hybrid (diamond with box)
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR, uncalendered

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Tom Gardner

1.7 oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon

Thanks for leaving us a review, Happy Making!

Robert Wirzfeld
Soft ,sturdy product

I love it!

1.7 oz MTN is a fan fave! We're glad you love it as much as we do, enjoy!

William Boyd
Good for shells, methinks...

I made a pair of shell pants (Green Pepper #128) using this fabric and so far they have been nice and breathable (with open leg cuffs). I've noticed that the reinforcing threads have more of a tendency to snag and/or fray than the base threads. Just something to keep in mind.
I have not had the chance to see if this fabric is bug proof, but will post another review when I know definitively. Seems like it's woven tightly enough to at least be a major hassle for mosquitos, etc, to penetrate.

Thanks for your review William! We'd love to see how your shell pants turned out. Be sure to tag us on social media. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Patrick Shaffer
Great Hammock Material (2nd Build)

I used this to make another gathered end extra long and wide hammock. The finished item came out to 12' 4", and was 70" wide. After installing continuous loops and the ridgeline, the total weight was less than 4 oz. Definitely recommend this material for "big boy" hammocks!

Thanks so much Patrick! That sounds like an awesome hammock, we'd love to see photos. Be sure to tag us on social media or email social@ripstopbytheroll.com

Zach Bos
Excellent Hammock Fabric

This is my favorite fabric for hammocks. It has a great feel to it and it is strong enough and wide enough for a single layer double hammock. Max weight 400 lbs according to RSBTR’s fabric comparison chart.

Thanks for the review Zach! The 1.7 oz MTN Hybrid is a great choice for hammocking, we're glad you love it! Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

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