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1.0 oz HyperD™

$7.00 /yd

1.0 oz HyperD™

$7.00 /yd


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    HyperD TM is our custom developed line of lightweight diamond grid nylon. Designed for superior performance and feel, HyperD is incredibly  strong yet still very  soft to the touch.

    At 1.0 oz, this fabric gives you a lighter alternative to more common, 1.1 oz weights while retaining maximum  strength + durability.

    The premium choice material for projects such as ultralight hammocks, top quilts, bottom quilts, sleeping bags, jackets, stuff sacks, lightweight bags, or garment lining material.

    NOTES - This fabric comes in both calendered and uncalendered finishes. Please make your selection with the drop-down menu above. If you're unsure which to pick, check out our FAQ page for quick answers or contact our team. We're happy to help!

    Colors with a reduced price of $4.75-$5.75 /yd are being phased out of inventory. Once sold out, they will not be restocked.

  • Product Details
    Width 58-60''  (147 - 152 cm)
    Weight  1.0 oz/yd 2 (34 gsm)
    Denier 20D
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR, calendered or uncalendered

    Calendered - YES. IDFL 4-star rating. Click here for results.

    Uncalendered - NO.

Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews

I have been ordering from you guys for many years now. I used to do traveling and I would make things that were needed in my day to day life and encounters. I have never to this day had one problem with your company and everything has been as described and received in timely fashion. The prices are going up for products lately, but that is system wide. Thank you for taking this venture and making these products available to the common person. :)

William Kerr
The big sale!

It was nice to see a special sale. Do it again!

Hey William, we do our best to keep the specials coming and have a big sale each year. Thanks for taking the time to leave your review. We hope you enjoyed your 1.0 oz HyperD™!

Nathan Walker
HyperD 1.0 oz

Really good product used it for a model rocket parachute which worked well and it was fairly easily to sew.

We're glad to hear that the 1.0 oz HyperD was easy to sew for your model rocket parachute! Enjoy!

Good fabric and kindly service.

We had a little run around on the order, but it was all resolved very satisfactorily and faster than I expected. Thank you for making this fabric available. I love it!

We apologize for the prior order mishap, but we're glad we could resolve it quickly for you. We're always here to help!

edward wilson
Skinny skirt

I have always gotten good service from RBTR and enjoy their products. My most recent purchase is some black 1.0 oz HyperD. I will make a simple wrap out of it with velcro overlapping at the top, that I can wear in my private pool. I use one now out of 1.9 oz ripstop. It is short, above the knee and works well for the purpose, which is covering if someone happens into the back yard while I am getting in or out, but still feels just about as good as skinny dipping. It does not cover while swimming, so not for normal mixed company swimming. Anyway, the new wrap will be a little below the kneee and lighter. I plan to use it for backpacking. It should be very cool and comfortable and will give a little more coverage for sitting when needed. The short one is not at all suitable for sitting in mixed company. These are also good for maintaining modesty while changing on the trail, or while bathing. It might even make a light sheet on warm nights. The nylon dries almost instantly. The longer one will also be used as a ground cloth for naps. Unconventional, simple, comfortable, useful, inexpensive. And yes, it does get some amused looks on the trail, but I don’t know those people anyway…. Should know next summer how it works for me. This or a more stylish version would be great for women. Big advantage over shorts for potty duties along the trail.

Thanks for your review Edward! One thing that we love about MYOG is that you can make literally whatever you can dream up and it sounds like you did just that! Let us know how the trail skirt works next summer. Happy Making!