Hammock Fabric Testing - 1.6 oz HyperD and 1.9 oz Ripstop Nylon

29 December, 2016 10 comments Leave a comment

This week we continue our series on Hammock Fabric Testing with new static load results on two fabrics:

1.6 oz HyperD - One of our flagship premium hammock fabrics. Known for it's balance of weight/durability and extremely soft feel against the skin. Diamond grid ripstop nylon.


1.6 oz HyperD diamond ripstop nylon

1.9 Ripstop Nylon - One of the first materials we brought to market back in 2013 and still a huge favorite amongst both DIYers and vendors for hammock making. Square grid ripstop nylon. 


1.9 oz Ripstop Nylon

Both materials were tested at a 1200 lb load for a duration of 12 days. In addition to holding up over the life of the test, the overall stretch was mild compared to the range of data we have from testing a number of other fabrics.

One of the things you may notice is that the 1.9 oz Ripstop Nylon stretches less by the numbers than the 1.6 oz HyperD. This is expected due to the difference in weight and denier. 

Hopefully, this provides some hard answers to questions like "What's the load rating?" and "How much does it stretch?" when you're comparing hammock fabrics.

If you're a vendor using one of these fabrics, please feel free to reference these test results when listing your products or when asked about load/stretch ratings by a customer.

Next up on the testing docket is 1.7 ROBIC Hybrid XL...

Until then,

- Kyle

Owner/Founder, Ripstop by the Roll LLC

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  3. Matti February 17, 2017

    Hey Kyle, Thanks for the magnitude of information wealth your site provides… I find myself making things I didn’t even know that I needed, and thank you for being a low quantity, high quality supplier for the small people like us :-)
    My question…. when is the static weight test for 1.7 ROBIC going to happen. I’m looking at making large game meat bags and I’m waiting to pull the trigger on my fabric order until that test comes out… Thanks Bunches

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  8. Todd January 19, 2017

    This is great. It gives a good idea of relative stretch, and it really demonstrates the strength of these materials. Out of curiousity, what type of webbing or rope are you using to connect to the chain, and is that hammock using sewn end channels or whipping?

  9. Kyle January 13, 2017

    Thanks Bill. Updated…

  10. Just Bill January 05, 2017

    The test results just link to a picture of the fabric.

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