Introducing HyperD 300

10 January, 2015 4 comments Leave a comment

Check out the announcement video for our latest material in the HyperD™ line of diamond ripstop fabrics - HyperD 300™

This material is a 300 denier double-diamond grid ripstop fabric designed for applications such as high-end packs, reinforcement areas on tarps/tents, heavy-duty tarps, waterproof/high durability gear sacks, and probably some others we're not thinking of.

Check it out here ->

Looking forward to seeing the things that people cook up with this new material. If you have a design you'd like to share, please tell us about it! Thanks everyone!

Kyle Baker
Owner, Ripstop by the Roll LLC

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  1. Thom Davis October 19, 2016

    Question…how dimensionally stable is the product? I am seeking something that resists stretch but can be stuffed into a sack…basically, a sail for a small boat. Dacron polyester would be perfect EXCEPT that it is so stiff it cannot be stuffed. This sounds like about the same weight, but how much does it stretch.

  2. Connie Kerns-Grams July 22, 2016

    How would this work for horse blankets?

  3. Ken July 16, 2016

    Hi I am starting a new venture to cut highness covers to protect machinery and painted surfaces….others will be bags with up to 60 lb.s of gear which will require lifting straps.

    Can you give me some guidance. We thought about Naugahyde but some type of ripstop might be better. Does it have the strength of Tyvek?…….

    Thanks for your help

  4. Pete January 20, 2015

    Hi! I use a tarp and an ookworks tub inside it in wet weather.

    My backpack GoLite Odyssey is not good at standing up, and needs to be accessible all the time anyway as I don’t want to crowd the not so big tarp with lots of loose stuff.
    - so a little tub for it,too ?
    - reversible to the other side, for use as a rain cover would be a nice bonus

    Now that GoLite is no more, the fans will be hanging into their gear for their dear life!

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